God has blessed me very much and I thank Him everyday for allowing me, over the years, to visit and work from such wonderful places in His great outdoors! He is such an amazing artist that my pictures do not do Him justice.

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Why so many photos?

Vern Six


I am an Internet development consultant. I specialize in online business development.

I have worked in the field of Internet marketing and development since 1985. Since then, I have held many titles such as computer programmer, computer consultant, web developer, web designer, database designer, software developer, independent Internet consultant, online marketing consultant, search engine optimization specialist, network administrator and web systems architect just to name a few.

These days, I refer to myself as a Web Developer. Using creativity, ingenuity, patience and persistence, along with tons of experience at the school of hard knocks, I develop web sites and web applications for my customers and myself.

I prefer to use open source tools such as Joomla Content Management System, Drupal, Magento, PHP, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Server and add-ons for these tools to get the job done. In today's internet world, things change so quickly that a developer has to stay on top of the best tools available and these tools rank right up to the top in my opinion and in the opinion of thousands and thousands of other developers.

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Before the internet

Before finding my way to the Internet, I cut my teeth in the glass house writing a lot of mainframe COBOL applications for a major Fortune 500 international oil company. SIDE NOTE: COBOL should be an acronym for 'Compiled Only Because Of Luck!' The mere mention of the word is a sure fire way to get me to immediately hang up the phone! It's teachings corrupt the mind and therefore ought to be considered criminal!

Then came the allure of working for myself with the PC database systems available at the time. I spent a great deal of time developing this market and eventually became a published author writing mostly about the Clipper PC Database language and tools I created for it.

Then I found my real passion... people. I had a real epiphany. I discovered I liked people and liked working with them instead of just being some techie churning out computer code in some dark room at the end of the hall, existing solely on a diet of pizza and Mountain Dew. So I developed my own consulting practice where I could spend much more time with clients.

Wow! Working with people was a lot of fun, but an added bonus turned out to be the large amount of industries I was exposed to. Who would have thought a kid from the boondocks of south-east Iowa would be working on accounting systems for Fortune 500 companies, or credit approval systems for major auto manufacturers, or a purchasing system for the State of Texas?! The Texas State Comptroller (John Sharpe) even named me the Texas State Small Entrepreneur of the Year in 1995!

But the fun wasn't over yet. Add to all the enjoyable work, the excitement of travel and public speaking, lecturing and teaching and I was and still am in heaven.

I love working wherever I can plug in my computer

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I call Texas home, but I have traveled to well over 50 countries and worked in several of them. That's what I love best about my career... I can work wherever I plug in a computer and have an internet connection.

My wife and I recently took a two year RV trip across every state west of the Mississippi River (except North Dakota). Really. With a satellite dish for internet and phone, I always had an office in our RV. What a great time and I was absolutely more productive than some poor sap stuck at a 9-5 wearing a sticky coat and tie. Isn't technology wonderful?!

I can absolutely guarantee that I will be the best Web Development Partner you will ever hire.

If you want me to come to your office... well... let's talk about that. I'm not fond of big cities any longer. I hate concrete and I hate traffic. I prefer the peaceful small towns to any big city.

So you're not exactly sure if you can hire someone who won't come to your office every day? I know... a lot of lousy hacks calling themselves professional telecommuters have ruined it for a lot of us. I'm not that hack! I'm a professional who knows what he is doing and I offer a great guarantee.


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